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Support makes a tough situation easier


The response received from customers following last week’s computer crisis, which delayed the printing of the Dauphin Herald by more than 48 hours, has been encouraging.
“We received lots of calls from customers who were concerned that they had not received the paper, so we know people enjoy getting their paper each week and miss it when it is not there,” said Herald publisher Bob Gilroy.
“But everyone was very supportive and understood the problems we were having.”
A thunderstorm which rolled through the area July 4, damaged the Herald’s computer server when a bolt of lightning knocked out power.
Several reports were also received of computer problems at other businesses in the community as a result of the storm.
Staff at the Herald, along with information technology experts from inside and outside the community, worked around the clock for two days to rectify the situation.
“The Herald has never missed publishing an edition, not even when the building burned in the mid-1980s, and we were not going to miss this time,” Gilroy said.
“It was a very stressful couple of days, but we got through it together.”
As a thank-you to the community for its patience, the Herald delivered a copy of its July 4 edition to every address in Dauphin.