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Voyageur canoe gets an overhaul


The 1967 Manitoba Centennial Voyageur Canoe at Fort Dauphin Museum recently received a face lift.
“We wanted to do something for Canada’s 150th,” explained Theresa Deyholos, manager and curator for Fort Dauphin Museum.
Work to restore the 25-foot-long, four-foot-wide fibreglass canoe to its original state began Nov. 18, 2016 and was completed the end of June.
As part of Canada’s centennial celebrations at Expo 67 in Montreal, Deyholos said, the Centennial Voyageur Canoe Pageant was created, with teams representing eight provinces, plus the Yukon and North West Territories.
Manitoba won the race, she noted, finishing in 531 hours, six minutes and 16 seconds, beating British Columbia by more than two hours.
More on the canoe's restoration can be found in this week's Dauphin Herald.

M. A. Nyquist