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WHSHL adds six new teams, new executive


The Westman High School Hockey League (WHSHL) has undergone some changes on and off the ice this summer.
After three years, Brad Twordik stepped down as president and will be replaced by Dauphin’s Jason Alf and Corey Forbes of Glenboro/Carberry. Jerry Crompain of Hamiota also steps in as the new treasurer after the departure of longtime treasurer Quinton Grindle.
Alf said the league knew Twordik and Grindle would be stepping down at its spring meeting. Alf offered his support to Forbes should he decide to go for the job of president and offered to serve as vice-president, pending approval from the other members of the league.
“Basically, they just said, ‘well instead of that, would you guys consider just being co-presidents?’ Neither one of us really cared about the title. I had suggested it because I thought Corey would be a good fit. So I didn’t really want to get myself tied up too much in it,” he said.
Alf and Forbes agreed to work together atop the league executive and will oversee the league for the foreseeable future.
“It was just kind of unanimous. No one wanted to run and they were happy to have the two of us. I think we’ve been around for quite a while it seems. I remember one time when I was feeling young and new at those meetings and I realized that I’ve been there for quite a while,” Alf said, adding Crompain then stepped up to fill the position of treasurer.
See this week's Dauphin Herald for more on the changes to the WHSHL.

Doug Zywina