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City spending on roads hits $1 million mark


It will be like putting icing on the cake when paving crews from Stirling Enterprises move into the city in the next week to begin road and street asphalting.
The cake itself is the largest road repair program seen in Dauphin in more than a decade.
This year the City of Dauphin is planning on doing in excess of $1 million of asphalt road repairs, pothole fixes and road reconstruction.
The repairs will have a significant impact on the community, according to Mayor Eric Irwin.
“City council has been listening to the residents of Dauphin, who have stressed repeatedly the importance of good roads,” Irwin said.
“We’re extremely proud to be able to do this much road and street work this year, and it’s even better it can be done without raising property taxes.”
So far this year, the City has spent $37,045 on pothole repairs and another $128,366 in asphalt patching.
The 2017 financial plan calls for an additional $746,550 in either road reconstruction or asphalt mill and overlay projects.
In addition, the Public Works department, due to the favourable weather this year and the efficiencies that resulted, has been able to find an extra $80,000 in its budget to allocate to even more asphalt work.
When combined with the remaining roads and street budget money, this results in $100,000 in additional asphalt road repairs planned for this fall.
To this point, spring patching was completed on 6th Ave. and 1st St. NW; Wellington and 6th Ave. NW; Brown W and Wellington; Vermillion St. and Brown W; Vermillion St. and Forrest W; Hedderly and Davidson; Brown W and McNeill Pl.; Hawthorne and Mountain; Brown and Marigold; Crocus Bay; Aster Bay and Davidson intersection; Forrest E and Mtn. Rd; Kirby Ave. E; Elmay St.; Merrell Pl.; Edgar and Mtn.; 6th Ave. NE and Main St.; 4th Ave. SE and 2nd St. SE; Cruise Cres.; Pioneer; 200 block of 2nd Ave. SW; and Jackson and Buchanon at a total cost of $128,366.43.
Proposed fall mill and overlay projects include 6th Ave. SW from the medical clinic approach to 3rd St., SW; 4th St. NW from 1st Ave. NE to the backlane; Bond St. in front of Barker School; Brown Ave. from Mtn. Road to Brown Ave. W; River Ave. W from Main St. to Hedderly; Crocus Bay; and possibly Industrial Road, at a total cost of $100,000.
Approved capital projects totalling $746,550 include the reconstruction of 1st Ave. SW from 1st St., to 2nd St.; reconstruction of Laura from Wakefield to Maryland; mill and overlay on 2nd St from 4th Ave. to 9th Ave.; Mill and overlay on Davidson Ave. W from Mtn. Road to Sandy St.; mill and overlay on Vermillion St. from Brown Ave. W to Kraim Ave.; mill and overlay on 5th Ave. SE between 1 St. SE and 2nd St. SE; mill and overlay on 11th Ave. SW from 1st St. to Jackson St.; mill and overlay on 6th Ave. SE between 1st St. SW and 2nd St. SW; mill and overlay on 4th Ave. SW from the bridge to Wakefield; mill and overlay on 5th Ave. NE from 1st St. NE to 2nd St. NE; mill and overlay on 3rd Ave. NE from 2nd St. NE to 3rd St. NE; and mill and overlay on 4th Ave. NE from 1st St. NE to 2nd St. NE.

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