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DRCSS renovation changes schools look


Another Mountain View School Division (MVSD) building is in the midst of a dramatic face lift.
Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School (DRCSS) will see 53 additional windows punched into the building, making it a 106 window installation project this fall.
“It’s another exciting project because it’s going to bring some significant change to that building,” said MVSD secretary-treasurer Bart Michaleski, estimating the project will cost $2.3 million.
MVSD is cost sharing the installation of the additional windows in the classroom wing with the Public Schools Finance Board (PSFB), he said, with PSFB covering the remaining costs. Michaleski estimated MVSD’s share of the costs will be up to $250,000.
The division has learned from renovations to MacKenzie Middle School, he said, about the value of natural light for classrooms.
“That’s something the DR’s classrooms have never had, since it was built in the late ‘60s,” Michaleski said.
Demolition began in early July and was completed over the summer, he said, so the noisy, dusty part of the project occurred when the school was empty.
Crews began installing windows Aug. 28, Michaleski noted, and he anticipates the building will be closed in by the first day of school, Sept. 5.
“That’s the punched in windows and the windows on the administration cafeteria side,” he said.
“The actual big windows in the classroom wing, the big wall, they won’t start demolition of those until they complete the other ones.”
The curtain walls on the the east and west sides of the classroom wing and the back of the cafeteria will be completed once the window installation in the classroom and administration area is done.
Michaleski explained the floor to ceiling windows are being replaced with studded walls and up to 12 foot window inserts.
The project is expected to be completed in December, he said, with some overlap between the two jobs.
Crews will hang and paint drywall after school hours, MVSD co-ordinator of operations, David McInnes explained, to ensure there will be as little disruption to students, as possible.
The project will change the design of the school he said, as the exterior of the windows are framed with tyndall stone.
“And then there’s an engineered tin that will go along the top of the administration wing. It’s going to look significantly different,” McInnes added.
The demolition of the brick on the classroom wing affected the stucco band around it, Michaleski said, which will be repaired and painted. As a result, the rest of the stucco on the gym and the vocational areas will be repaired and painted to match.

M. A. Nyquist