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Local barber supporting Wounded Warriors


He may not be running, but Erroll Karlson has a marathon planned for Dec. 14.
The barber and owner of Beauty and the Barber is hosting a 24-hour haircut marathon fund-raiser for Wounded Warrior Canada.
“I first became aware of the Wounded Warrior program through several different clients of mine,” Karlson said, noting a member from the Canadian Armed Forces talked about the program.
“He had actually done a couple of tours over in Afghanistan. He encountered some problems with PTSD after his return to home and he actually entered one of the programs in the Wounded Warrior program.”
The local barber wanted to support the program doing what he knows best and beginning at 9 a.m. Karlson hopes to complete 100 haircuts in 24-hours.
He is asking men in the community to sign up for a haircut during that time, noting the cuts are $25 each, which Karlson will donate to Wounded Warrior Canada.
He also has a sponsorship program to raise more funds and offer sponsors several promotional options.
With the gold sponsor, Karlson explained, $3 is donated for every haircut made and a silver sponsor matches $1 for each haircut.
He is encouraging local businesses and organizations to urge their male staff to sign up for a haircut and pay on their own accord or have the business pay for a trim.
“One hundred per cent of the proceeds all go back to the Wounded Warrior program,” Karlson said.
Beauty and the Barber will host some live feeds on Facebook to keep the community updated throughout the evening.
And without a doubt, he said, there will be hot coffee available, as well as some snacks for anyone dropping in to support Karlson and his efforts.
The marathon is a month away and Karlson is almost half way to meeting his goal.
“It’s already taken off considerably. There’s been an amazing response from people in the community,” he said.
“A lot of people think it’s a really good idea.”
The haircut marathon is not only raising funds, Karlson said, it is raising awareness of Wounded Warrior Canada.
Its mission statement is, “to honour and support Canada’s ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans, first responders and their families.”
The programs are privately funded, Karlson explained, and cover a wide variety of activities from assisting individuals and couples in overcoming PTSD, allowing veterans to reconnect with nature outside of military involvement, or contributing to the service of first responders and the Armed Forces, for example.
There is a sign up sheet at Beauty and the Barber at 20-Second Ave. NW, or participants may call 204-638-7454 to make an appointment.
Look for the Wounded Warrior Canada program at woundedwarriors.ca.

M. A. Nyquist