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MVSD to spread CRA message


The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has asked school divisions to share information related to the benefits of filing an income tax return
Bart Michaleski, secretary-treasurer of Mountain View School Division (MVSD) explained the request is an outreach program to get the word out to those who feel they do not have an income level high enough to pay taxes and do not complete an income tax form.
But there are a number of benefits available, he said, that require completion of an income tax form.
“If they want child tax benefit, if they want the GST tax credit and there’s some disability tax credits,” Michaleski said.
“But if they don’t complete an income tax return, then they’re not eligible for them.”
As a result, CRA would like to ensure people eligible for those benefits can receive them.
The program, he said, is reaching out to those who may be most in need of those benefits.
Different agencies in the public sector have been approached and school divisions were included, Michaleski said, because staff work with families and can share the information.
“Just to make sure they’re getting the benefits they need,” he added.
CRA provided general information pamphlets, Michaleski said, along with information on indigenous benefits and benefits to newcomers.
There can be a cost associated with completing tax forms, he pointed out, which may be a reason tax forms are not completed.
But divisions can also share information about services in the community, such as the Dauphin Friendship Centre, Michaleski said, which will help individuals complete their returns at no cost.
“So it’s just sharing all of that information, so that people don’t need to be afraid,” he added.
“They don’t need to worry that they maybe don’t understand it all. They just need to talk to some people that can inform them of what their benefits are and help them get them.”
Information regarding the CRA outreach program was shared at the administrators council, Michaleski said, and will be shared with student services.

M. A. Nyquist