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Steiner reaches final at Golden Gals


Local curler Dawn Steiner came up short in her bid for a provincial title when Dauphin hosted the 35th anniversary of the Golden Gals Provincials Championship, this past weekend.
Steiner finished 2-1 in the round-robin, then won her quarterfinal game, 6-5 over Bev Atkins of Manitou. A 12-3 win over Pat McCaughan of Assiniboine Memorial put Steiner into the championship final where Stonewall’s Nancy Drad scored a 7-6 victory to claim the provincial crown.
Steiner and her team with Gail Tycholiz, Martha Messinbird and Cindy Vanbuekenhout was trailing 6-3 when they tied the game with three in the seventh end.
“That was huge, actually. I thought if we could tie it up, we would have a chance. I could get some rocks up front and go for the steal,” she said.
In the end, it did not work out and Drad ended up victorious.
Steiner was pleased with her team’s play.
“The girls were just absolutely awesome,” she said.
Steiner was curling with a bad leg, but got help from one of her teammates, who is a reflexologist.
“She helped me out quite a bit getting it all stretched out,” she said.
The team’s original lead Marg Yakubchak, suffered a heart attack, Saturday afternoon and was transported to hospital in Winnipeg where she is doing well.
The Steiner unit had to curl that evening and recruited Vanbuekenhout to replace Yakubchak.
“She was always on our minds, but we managed to get Cindy to come in and spare for us. And we hear that Marg is doing well,” Steiner said.
Steiner wishes to thank the organizers for an awesome weekend and offered her congratulations to the victors.
Drad and her team consisting of Elsie Murray, Marianne Cherniak and Arlene Farebrother, hoped to win one game. Instead they won all six times the stepped on the ice to claim the title.
“I am just thrilled. It’s very exciting,” she said.
With such low expectations, Drad and her teammates purchased what they considered their own prizes, Thursday night.
“We went shopping and we all bought new winter boots, because we thought, ‘we’ll buy ourselves a prize and go home happy.’ And now we get to go home with a gold pin,” she said.
Drad’s foursome was never serious when on the ice and that, she said, was the key to their success.
“We just decided we are here to have fun, enjoy each other’s company and make some good shots and not get down on ourselves. We just wanted to have fun and that’s what we did,” she said.
Drad jokingly said they planned to allow Steiner to tie the game with three in the seventh end, so they could avoid having to play an extra end.
“When that happened, we said, ‘well, there’s no extra end and we have the hammer. Everybody can throw two shots in the eighth end and it can either be a gold shot or a silver shot. And everybody got to choose what they did’,” she said.
Drad and her team enjoyed their time in Dauphin and made it a point to support local businesses and sponsors.
“We supported the local community, because we feel that that’s important. We went to restaurants, we went to the mall. We went to all the sponsors. We visited all the stores. We spent some money, we had lots of laughs and we just can’t thank the host committee enough. They did a great job,” she said.
“The meal on Thursday night was just absolutely superb. It was a fun, fun weekend.”
Steiner was one of three Dauphin teams competing in the event.
Lois Rozak and her team consisting of Sandra Lofgren, Terri Kolida and Joan Robinson, also finished 2-1 in the round-robin, but lost their quarterfinal match, Stonewall’s Arlene Deprez.
Norma Johnson and her team with Bev Murray, Pearl Maksymetz and Terri Todoruk, missed the playoffs after finishing 1-2 in the round-robin.
For Rozak, one of the organizers, it was a great weekend.
“I think everybody involved had fun. We had good help from everybody and it was good curling,” she said.
Steiner’s appearance in the final resulted in a few more spectators, Rozak said, adding she appreciates the support the event received.
“I just want to thank everybody who supported us in any way for the event. It’s gone really well,” she said.

Doug Zywina