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Dowhan announces bid for mayor's chair


Al Dowhan is looking for more time in the mayor’s chair at Dauphin City Hall.
The 20-year city council veteran announced his intention to run for mayor at city council’s regular meeting, June 25.
Dowhan has been Dauphin’s mayor for the last seven months, appointed by council following the untimely death of then mayor Eric Irwin, last November.
“I just felt that we have a lot going in the community and I would like to keep the community sustaining and growing,” said Dowhan who, prior to his appointment as mayor served as the community’s deputy-mayor for 10 years.
“I feel I have been part of that and would like it to continue.”
Pleased with the work that has been done in the areas of housing and economic development, Dowhan is hoping to see the advancements continue.
“The south end, we are going to have that service road put in this year and there are rumours of development in the south end,” he said.
“Also the Vermillion Growers announcement, that will have a lot of spinoff in our community, both adding population and new businesses coming from that.”
The moves made towards sustainability in recent years are also important for Dowhan. In particular he is proud of the solar installations coming on line at city properties, saying they are resulting in community growth.
“I feel we have renewable energy sources and this is one that is quite free from the sun. It is the initial investment that costs a little bit, but you get a very rapid payout on it,” he said.
“I would like to see more of that.”
All in all Dowhan feels Dauphin is currently in a good place with top notch facilities and unlimited potential for tourism with the mountain bike trail project currently underway. He also sees an influx of young professionals and tradespeople as an indicator of Dauphin’s bright future.
“People that grew up in our community and people who have seen opportunities and they are contributing,” he said.
With everything that is happening, Dowhan is hoping to lend his experience for another term and continue his contributions towards the future of Dauphin.
“I think we are on the cusp of a growth spurt,” the mayor said.
“We have always promoted a can-do attitude and I want that to continue. And that’s the way things happen. You have to put your best foot forward and work at it and hustle and things will happen.”
The municipal election is set for Oct. 24. Currently Dowhan is running unopposed.