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Greyhound closure creates shock, concern


The recent announcement Greyhound Canada was discontinuing service in western Canada has many clients in the Parkland concerned.
Greyhound Canada agent Audrey Dawson noted clients were shocked by the news, as the service is well-used in the region.
“Dauphin is a little hub. And from Dauphin it goes up north to Swan River, Mafeking, The Pas and Flin Flon. And other ways to Brandon and Winnipeg,” she explained.
Parcels are moved daily from the three buses arriving in Dauphin, Dawson said, as a bus arrives at 4:45 p.m. from the west each day, taking freight from Vancouver to Edmonton, down Hwy 16 to Dauphin and continuing on to Winnipeg.
Clients have raised concerned about how freight will be moved between Winnipeg, Brandon, The Pas, Thompson and Flin Flon, once Greyhound Canada shuts its doors in Dawson Logistics at 526 first Ave NE.
“Not just freight, but of course, passengers,” Dawson said, noting people travel for medical appointments, to see specialists, or do not drive and are visiting other communities.
The convenience of the bus station at Richardson Airport, Dawson added, allowed travellers to catch a bus to the city and then get on a flight, without having to park a vehicle for an extended period.
Dawson Logistics was made aware of Greyhound Canada’s plan the morning of the announcement, she said, noting there was no indication from the company, prior to the announcement.
Dawson Logistics had only taken on the Greyhound service in September 2018 and Dawson can not compare whether the service has been dropping, as reported.
Dawson did notice the company had passengers daily and the majority were seniors and students.
Dawson Logistics has no firm plans yet, regarding a replacement for the Greyhound service, but the local company will continue its daily freight service to Winnipeg and Brandon.
“Of course we still have lots to talk about, because this is new,” she said, adding the company has not been approached by any other intercity bus company.
“It’s too soon to speculate what’s going to happen.”

M. A. Nyquist