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Fair and rodeo a success in Gilbert Plains


Despite some changes, this year’s edition of the Gilbert Plains-Grandview Agricultural Society’s Fair and Rodeo was another success.
This year saw the rodeo moved to Friday night and Saturday afternoon when traditionally, it is held Saturday and Sunday.
According to ag. society president Kevin Boese, the change was made because there were only four weekends in July this year, compared to five last year.
“So there wasn’t enough weekends for everybody to have their own weekend. So that’s why they had to have two rodeos in one weekend,” he explained.
As a result, the Gilbert Plains rodeo had to be held Friday and Saturday, while Arborg’s rodeo was held Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.
Next year, Boese said, the rodeo will move back to Saturday and Sunday.
“That was just a one-year thing,” he added.
Boese also noted the rodeo is usually held the second weekend in July. This year, it was held a week later, but will move up a week earlier in 2019.
Overall, Boese was pleased with how everything went.
“We had an excellent day on Friday. Lots of attendance. And also on Saturday, everything went very well. Sunday was a little bit slower, but the sun came out in the afternoon. And the lawnmower races still went on,” he said.
The chuckwagons and chariots were cancelled on Sunday because of the rain and attendance was down a little bit on Sunday, as well, Boese said.
“But overall, for the whole weekend, we were probably pretty much the same, because we were up on Friday, a lot more than we normally would have been,” he added.
The chuckwagons raced on Friday and were joined by the chariots on Saturday. Usually, they run only two days, but because they were available, the chucks and chariots were scheduled for all three days.
“And only ended up getting them done two days, anyways,” Boese said.
The new kids zone, which featured an inflatable hungry hippo game for children and an inflatable ninja warrior dome, proved to be a hit with the younger audience, with lineups most of the day.
“The Party in the Dirt was very well attended. We had a great time Friday night and Saturday night. So I would say, overall, everything was very good,” Boese said.
Rodeo co-chair Krista Gaber was pleased with the two days of rodeo action.
“I am extremely happy. We had full stands on Friday night. I think it helped with the parade and then chuckwagons were right after, so it was busy with people getting off work. I think it went over very well,” she said.
Gaber liked the change to Friday and Saturday, stating people can go about their weekend once Saturday’s rodeo is done.
“It’s kind of nice to be finished with it on Saturday, from my point of view, anyway. Overall, it was a nice change and sometimes change is good,” she said.
Gaber was pleased with the large crowds on both days.
“The more people we have come through the gate, the more income we have to do things and have money to get in more rides for kids and stuff like that,” she said.
“So I can’t say enough about our sponsors, the support from the town and anybody who had anything to do with it. It was very nice to see. And, of course, our board, we all put in a lot of hours the whole year, so it was nice to have a good turnout.”

Doug Zywina