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Former Dauphinite missing


Dauphinite Kathy Freiheit and her daughter-in-law Selena Freiheit have flown to Germany to aid in the search for son and husband, Jeffrey Freiheit.
The 32-year-old Brandon educator was travelling alone along a hiking trail called Der Traumpfad (The Dream Way), a well-known European hike between Munich, Germany and Venice, Italy.
Selena reported last speaking with her husband Jeffrey over FaceTime on Aug. 1, when he was in Bad Tolz, Germany.
The following day he posted a video and image of himself on Instagram near the conclusion of that day’s hike at the Panorama Restaurant Brauneck.
Using social media, Selena has been sharing information regarding the search for her husband.
In addition to the mountain rescue helicopters of the Bavaria and federal police, officials of the Alpine Task Force are involved in the search operation.
Selena shared a report from police announcing witness evidence from the evening of Aug. 12 which suggested Jeffrey arrived, as planned, to Vorderrißon, Aug. 3, after spending the night at the Tutzinger hut at the foot of Benediktenwand.
As a result, the report said, search activities are now focused on the area Jachenau-Vorderriss.
An experienced hiker, Jeffrey has trekked to Machu Picchu in Peru, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania​ and the base camp of Mount Everest over the past decade, Selena said.
He did months of research, she noted, before embarking on the trip to Germany, adding it was out of character for him to break with his plan.
Selena and Kathy are in Bad Tolz, Germany and have met with police.
A GoFundMe page has been created to help support them in any costs that may occur, such as flights, transportation, hotels, meals, medical expenses or private search parties.
Visit Help Support the Freiheits on ca.gofundme.com to make a donation.

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