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RM under boil water advisory


The Rural Municipality (RM) of Dauphin has had a boil water advisory since Oct. 2.
CAO Nicole Chychota explained the main water line broke at around 7 a.m. and the boil water advisory was announced that day, remaining in effect until at least Oct. 11.
“We will be able to send the second sample out on Tuesday (Oct. 9), so we won’t know until Thursday,” water distribution manager Dwane Fidierchuk added.
Chychota explained a fusion, or joint, on the line broke apart at the six-inch main line on Road 114, south of Hwy #5 and #10.
All of the more than 200 customers connected to the rural water line were affected, she said, as the entire water system was compromised, due to the size of the break.
“So the boil water advisory was put on for the whole area,” Chychota added.
Not every household lost water, she noted, pointing out depending on proximity to the break, some homes just lost water pressure.
“There’s always the potential that this could happen, water breaks are always unforeseen events and we do encourage all the ratepayers in the area to have an emergency plan in place for themselves, for when these things do happen,” Chychota advised.
The RM of Dauphin has an emergency alert system in place, she noted, which contacts a cell phone, home phone, or e-mail in the event of a water break or other emergencies within the RM.
“We have all of our water customers signed up for the service right now and if anyone had any issues with the phone call or didn’t receive one, if they want to call the office, we would love feedback on how the alerting system worked for people,” Chychota said.
The RM has posted a fact sheet on its website, she said, regarding protocols for a boil water advisory.
It recommends all water used for consumption should be brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute before it is used for drinking and ice making, preparing beverages, such as infant formula, preparing food, including washing fruits and vegetables, plus brushing teeth.
Repairs to the water line were completed at approximately 4 p.m., Oct. 3, Chychota reported, and water was restored to all customers by about 7 p.m. that evening.
“I’d really like to thank our staff for all the hard work that they did to get this problem fixed as quickly as possible. And also our contractors for Phase 2 of the implementation of our water system who actually agreed to fix the problem for us. That’s why we were able to correct it as quickly as we could,” she added.
For more information, visit the RM of Dauphin website at rmofdauphin.ca or call the office at 204-638-4531.

M. A. Nyquist