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MRI appts. being booked


The long wait for a working MRI machine at Dauphin Regional Health Centre (DRHC) is almost over.
Prairie Mountain Health and Shared Health announced last week that the MRI scanner at DRHC has been successfully installed and efforts are underway to complete all final inspections and safety reviews required before the unit can become operational.
It is expected MRI appointments will begin in early December and anyone who has an MRI appointment scheduled in Brandon in the next few weeks may be contacted to move their appointment to Dauphin.
If your appointment is moved to Dauphin, a member of the DRHC MRI team will contact you with your new appointment date and time and anything else you need to know.
However, people are urged to not cancel their existing MRI appointment unless otherwise instructed by the Dauphin MRI clerical staff or by their primary care provider.
Anyone with additional questions should contact their primary care provider.
Work is ongoing to arrange an official opening of the new facility and details will be released to the public when they are finalized.

Staff Writer