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IIU investigates following arrest


The Independent Investigation Unit (IIU) is investigating an arrest in Dauphin by RCMP that concluded with a woman sustaining a fractured bone in her leg.
RCMP advised that on Nov. 27, officers in Dauphin responded to a call for assistance at a residence.
Upon arrival, a 25-year-old woman was placed under arrest for breach of peace.
During her arrest, the woman was unco-operative and officers used force to control her.
The woman subsequently complained of pain in her knee and was transported to the hospital for assessment.
The woman was held overnight for examination and observation.
RCMP further advised that on Dec. 4, they were contacted by the same woman requesting assistance from officers on an unrelated matter.
At that time, she disclosed that she had sustained an injury to her leg as a result of her previous involvement with police.
The RCMP notified the IIU of the incident and were asked to confirm the injury.
On Dec. 5, RCMP advised that the woman had sustained a fractured left fibula, which is a serious injury as defined by IIU regulation 99/2015.
Accordingly, the IIU launched and will conduct a mandatory investigation.
The IIU is called into action where it appears the actions of a police officer may have caused the death or serious injury of a person, or have contravened certain laws.
The IIU may also investigate any other matter when the civilian director considers it in the public interest to do so.
The goal is to ensure all Manitobans trust the independence and impartiality of the IIU’s work, and have confidence in its investigative findings.

Staff Writer