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Police still nabbing impaired drivers


The 2018 RCMP Holiday Checkstop program continued to pull impaired drivers off the province’s road in the week leading up to Christmas.
Week three of the program ran from Dec. 17 to 23 and resulted in:
• 68 checkstops conducted across Manitoba with approximately 4,000 vehicles checked;
• 21 people charged with impaired driving (alcohol);
• two people charged with refusing a breath demand;
• the highest blood/alcohol reading reported was .220 (almost three times the legal limit);
• six alcohol-related tiered suspensions;
• one drug-related tiered suspension; and
• 12 people charged with improper storage of alcohol or cannabis in a vehicle.
There were no fatal traffic-related collisions during this week.
Last year during the third week of the program, police checked 1,960 vehicles as part of 42 organized checkstops, resulting in 22 people charged with a Criminal Code Impaired Driving offence. All charges were alcohol related. The highest blood/alcohol reading reported was .230, almost three times the legal limit.
As well, police handed out 10 alcohol-related tiered administrative roadside suspensions and laid 588 traffic-related Highway Traffic Act charges, the majority for speeding and seatbelt offences, along with 142 warnings for various offences.
There was one traffic related fatality.