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Telephone scam appropriates Herald name


Quick thinking by Jeremy Smith, executive director of Dauphin Friendship Centre (DFC) may have halted a telephone scam involving the Dauphin Herald.
“It was after 4:30 and Candice Demeria was also with me. I received a phone call from a company asking for Susie Secord’s email, so they could contact her about advertising with the Dauphin Herald,” Smith explained.
“I was a bit confused and the other line started ringing, so I put that person on hold and went on the other line, picked it up and it was somebody asking for Kelly Ironstand for the same purpose.”
He pointed out Ironstand was a former staff member at DFC and has not lived in Dauphin for at least 15 years.
Smith quickly realized it was a scam and told caller number two he was on the other line with somebody else and that the phone call was obviously a scam. When he asked them where they were calling from, the caller hung up.
“It was somebody whose first language wasn’t English and it was not a number that I recognized,” Smith said, adding he then asked caller number one where they were calling from and informed them another person was on the other line asking for similar information. Caller number one hung up the phone, as well.
Smith immediately phoned the Dauphin Herald to let advertising manager Brent Wright know about the potential scam.
“We have absolutely no affiliation with anybody outside of our own organization,” Wright confirmed, noting having DFC call the local newspaper quickly was helpful.
“Good on him, thank you very much.”
Smith admitted he was suspicious, as he knows the Dauphin Herald will contact advertisers directly, not through a third party.
“It’s a good cautionary lesson for people in Dauphin that if somebody local is wanting your business, that they will be contacting you locally, not through a third party,” he added.
Wright is not aware of any other local business that may have received a similar phone call, but asks if they do, to call him immediately.
The Dauphin Herald has posted a warning on its website at dauphinherald.com and Facebook page.

M. A. Nyquist