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Sentences handed down in Anicinabe Housing Corp. fraud


The president and housing manager for Anicinabe Housing Corporation (AHC) in Dauphin were recently sentenced in Dauphin Provincial Court.
President Joseph Lee Heroux, 67, was sentenced to 90 days custody and two years probation, Jan. 23.
Housing manager George V. Campbell, 58, was sentenced to 90 days custody and two years probation, Feb. 12.
Both Heroux and Campbell pleaded guilty to charges of theft over $5,000.
A police investigation and a provincial government audit of AHC in Dauphin occurred, following a complaint about activities relating to the government-funded agency.
AHC is a non-profit housing agency which provides affordable housing for Indigenous people in the community.
The internal audit branch of Manitoba Finance began auditing AHC in January 2016, as a result of consulting fees disclosed in 2014 that were paid to a board member who was also a tenant.
In the 2015 audited financial statements, AHC’s auditor noted a significant number of receipts could not be provided for construction costs, to build the agency’s office in Dauphin.
The auditor calculated the problematic costs at $93,762.
In a letter to AHC’s board of directors, the auditor said costs included payments to AHC officials and should not have been included in the capital cost of the building.
Manitoba Housing took over responsibility for AHC from the federal government in 1999. A provincial spokesperson said the agency owns and operates 58 housing units in Dauphin.
The province subsidizes agencies that provide housing for low-income households.

M. A. Nyquist