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ACC Parkland campus celebrates graduates


Parkland Campus of Assiniboine Community College (ACC) celebrated the graduation of 75 students at Credit Union Place, June 7.
The afternoon ceremonies began with a heartfelt and tearful blessing from elder Beverley Harvey, followed by drum group North Wolf Ojibway.
ACC president and CEO, Mark Frison remarked the hallmark of Parkland Campus is caring.
“And I think that also extends to the programs that are run in this region. And while caring, I think, is something that colleges in general are known for, it’s something that you certainly feel here,” he said, noting nursing and early childhood education programs are often characterized as caring professions.
“But it’s certainly my hope that the caring that’s been modelled for you by the faculty and staff on this campus will be modelled by you, as you go out in your career, whether you’re in those caring professions or in a trade, or business or what have you.”
Keynote speaker Jamie Harvey directly addressed graduates, sharing a short lesson on some of the things he learned since graduating from the Business Administration program at ACC, 15 years ago.
The director of Parkland Crossing asked students if there was one thing they would like to change in the community they come from, or are going to live in.
“Can you think of one project you would like to get done. Something you want to see more of, something that you want to see less of. Whatever it is, know that it’s possible. There are practical steps to be taken in any one of these grand dreams that you may have, to bring it to reality,” he said, adding the best and most productive relationships will be with people who have similar goals.
The second step, he said, is to understand politics is a necessity.
“Once you learn the politics of your organizations and the groups that you need, start to recognize the difference between politics and leadership. Not everybody in elected office are going to be the ones that you actually need to talk to,” Harvey added.
ACC Student’s Association member Celina Houle gave thanks to family, friends, students and staff.
“Thank you friends and family for being there for every step of the way. It’s because of you that we’re all here today. None of us could have done it without all of you,” she said.
Director of Parkland Campus, Gabe Mercier urged graduates to commit themselves to lifelong learning.
“Develop a passion for learning and you will succeed,” he said.
“I am talking about learning everything you can about what interests you, what makes you happy, what the world is all about and how to become the best you possibly can in this world.”
Award recipients are as follows:
Chantel Delaronde - “One to Watch” Award, Dauphin Chamber of Commerce Award - $250, Robert Gardner Memorial- Professionalism Award - $200;
Kendall Murdock-Delaronde - “One to Watch” Award, MEDIchair Dauphin Award - $250;
Amy Ross - “One to Watch” Award;
Chantal Guiboche - “One to Watch” Award;
Jessica Southgate - “One to Watch” Award;
Stephanie Simmons - Armstrong Management Award - $300 tuition credit;
Tyler Antoniuk - Dauphin Rotary Club Award - $ 1,000 tuition credit, Isabelle Simmonds Memorial Award - $300 tuition credit;
Heaven Pelletier - Dauphin Herald Award- $150 tuition credit;
Tegan Lariviere - Speak Up Toastmasters Award - $150 tuition credit;
Mary-Ann Pavlin - Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy Award - $200, Royal Canadian Legion – Branch #20 Award- $250;
Kaylie Stokotelny - Dauphin Friendship Centre Award - $300;
Lisa Legge - S.A. Bill Westland Estate Bursary - $1,000, Shirley R. Ford Leadership Award - $500;
Denise Racette-Courchene - Dauphin Friendship Centre MHSD Award - $200;
Laura Mecas - Isabelle Simmonds Memorial Award - $200;
Boni Gatapia - Dr. R. P. Ashcroft Award - $400;
Crystal Jordan - Dauphin Medical Clinic - $500;
Jennifer Hubert - Dauphin Super Thrifty Award - $350;
Celina Houle - ACC Student Association (SA) Parkland Council Leadership Award - $200;
Amy Ross - ACCSA Parkland Council Leadership Award - $ 200
Abigail Hryhoruk - ACCSA Parkland Council Leadership Award - $200;
Chelsea Ponask - Bob Williams Millennium Award - $400;
Sierra Fleming - Bob Williams Millennium Award - $400;
Candace Demeria - West Region Tribal Council Award - $500.