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SciMar reaffirms commitment to Dauphin at AGM


Mick Lautt is true to his word. Approximately 12 years ago, the chief executive officer of SciMar Ltd. announced the home address for the life-sciences firm would be in Dauphin. And in May, SciMar held its annual general meeting in the community.
“We’re moving into another space now to expand a little bit and re-establish. And then we’ll have a bit more of a public profile here. So we are opening a new office in Dauphin,” Lautt said.
SciMar was established in 2009 to transform the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes, he said, by advancing research into hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (HISS), a hormone discovered by his father, Dr. Wayne Lautt.
SciMar’s lab and scientific offices are located at the Albrechtsen Research Centre on the campus of Winnipeg’s St. Boniface Hospital.

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M. A. Nyquist