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Lunch program extends into summer


With school out for the summer, many people may think about holiday plans and enjoying the season, but Loreen Husband can not help wondering who will feed the children she had been providing breakfast to, at Whitmore School.
“For the entire school year we have been feeding children from Whitmore School on Monday mornings when they’ve come from a weekend at home with maybe not enough food. Very hungry and very willing to eat pretty well anything we’ve served them,” she said.
As a result, Parkland Crossing is funding a lunch program prepared by Husband, outside Whitmore School every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m., throughout the summer.
The first meal, July 2 did not have any children attend, she said, until principal Lesia Jensen knocked on doors and made phone calls before about 30 children arrived.

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M. A. Nyquist