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City's capital program right on track


The City of Dauphin’s capital plan for 2019 is on schedule and on budget, says Public Works foreman Terry Genik.
Currently crews are working on Sixth Avenue North East on two blocks of water main renewal, Genik said.
“The water main has been installed and we are just currently connecting the house services to the new main, which we anticipate should be done within the next two weeks,” he said.
Genik added the concrete crew is currently wrapping up some work on First Street North West between Second and Third Streets. The work encompasses new curb and gutter and sidewalk along the block.
When the work is completed, the asphalt will be patched for the time being.
“Until such a time as we know what is going on with the property on the northwest corner,” Genik said
“Because you never know. If somebody builds there, we don’t want to redo the street until such time as we know, because there will be curb modifications and so forth.”
When that project is complete, the concrete crew will shift its focus to maintenance, Genik said.
“It’s the perfect opportunity, because in the previous few years we have had torrential rains in September and it has kind of put us off maintenance somewhat,” he said.
Several streets will be getting a complete asphalt renewal, however, as the Sterling Enterprise paving crew moved its equipment into the city last week.
“About two weeks ago the base crew came in and started the road projects,” Genik said, adding one of the priorities was the renewal of a section of Brown Avenue and Marigold Street between Brown and Davidson Avenue East.
“That is all prepared for asphalt.”
Several other streets are slated for milling and asphalt including a section of River Avenue and Seventh Street North West.
“We did a water main on River Avenue last year and (Sterling) are going to be excavating all of that out and reshaping the base,” Genik said.
“And they are going to pave right through all the way from Hedderly to Wellington. Seventh Avenue North West, that is going to be a complete asphalt renewal there, too.”
Also on the schedule is an excavation and rebuilding of the 100 block of Fourth Avenue South West which will begin this week, a project that has been long anticipated by area residents.
“I know there has been a lot of controversy going on about that street, wondering when it will get done or if it will get done. That is on the list to do this year,”Genik said.
He added while the construction of a cul-de-sac on First Street North East has been delayed by the weather, overall he is pleased with the progress of the capital plan.
“Due to the rains (the cul-de-sac) has been put on hold until things dry up so the concrete crew can come in there and do the curbing,” Genik said.
“Being the beginning of September here, we are pretty much right on par with all of our capital projects.”
Of course there are projects which spring up and are not on the plan, such as the frost boil which appeared on Whitmore Avenue East by Jenkins Flooring.
“Sterling has been there for a couple of days. They excavated a whole section of road out. It has been closed for three days,” he said.
Genik anticipates all of the paving work will be completed within two to three weeks, depending on the weather.
In the meantime, Genik will meet with city administration to review the budget and see if more can be accomplished this year.
“The budget is looking fine. So far everything is looking fantastic,” Genik said.
“We are going to be having a meeting to discuss if there is money left over to maybe do some more milling and paving.”