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Fusion CU, Derailleurs Cycle Club strike up partnership


When competitors descend on Dauphin this coming August for the 2020 Manitoba Summer Games, cycling competitors will battle on the Fusion Credit Union Competition Course, thanks to a naming rights and sponsorship agreement that sees Fusion Credit Union contributing $150,000 to the Dauphin Derailleurs Cycle Club.
At a special announcement, Friday, Fusion board chair Guy Huberdeau said, the bike trail project located at Selo Ukraina south of Dauphin fits perfectly with the financial institution’s philosophy of supporting the communities in which it operates.
“Supporting the communities we serve is a key part of our mission. And we try to be generous with all kinds of projects and events, big and small,” he said.
“I think the competition cycle trail is an excellent fit for us for a number of reasons. Not only will it make for a particularly memorable cycle competition at this summer’s Manitoba Games, but we’ll be left with a multi-use trail that the whole community can take advantage of after the games are done. Our purpose at Fusion Credit Union is to help our members live their best lives. What better way to express that than with a significant contribution to a network of safe, sustainably built, accessible trails where everyone can enjoy an active outdoor experience that’s unique to the Parkland.”
The elite-level, five-kilometre competition course is part of the larger Northgate multi-use trail system which currently offers 20-kilometres of maintained trails developed and operated by the Derailleurs, to take advantage of natural valleys and ridges. Competition features have been incorporated including a challenging wall ride and jump line.
The whole system has been developed through countless hours of volunteer time spent on design, construction and fund-raising. The support announced by Fusion reinforces the group’s vision, said Derailleurs club member Melisa Stefaniw.
“We are thrilled for Fusion’s support, we certainly couldn’t have done it without Fusion. It is a very generous donation and the Fusion Competition Course is going to be a highlight in our province and also our country, in terms of mountain bike competition courses,” she said.
“We encourage everyone to come out and try it. Walk it if you are too scared to get on a bike.”
In conjunction with the donation, Fusion also announced an interest free loan program for people interested in purchasing new bicycles.
Fusion will offer as many as 200 loans of up to $2,500 at zero per cent interest for up to 18-month terms for qualified purchasers. Applicants do not have to be Fusion members.
Interested shoppers can get additional details or apply for the program at any Fusion branch.
“It aligns really well with our values including healthy living, active lifestyles and community investments,” said Gerry Wieler, chief lending solutions officer with Fusion.
“With this program our preference is to support our local community business owners and we have a preferred list of local suppliers that we would like to encourage people to purchase from.”
The 2020 Manitoba Games will be held Aug. 9 to 15 in Dauphin.
Cycling events will take place over the first four days, with male and female competitions in U13 and U15 categories.