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Parkway Lanes anxious to reopen for business


Following in the footsteps of many businesses around the world, Parkway Lanes in Dauphin has closed its doors to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
“We had to support the community in its efforts to control this virus. And so we wanted to be part of that,” said proprietor Frank Scinocca.
“It was difficult, of course, because we had numerous bookings, like I’d never seen before. We had big groups booked and the weekends, for some reason, have been really, really busy. And we had two big tournaments on the go. People were coming from Winnipeg and all around.”
The decision has closed down several leagues that were in the midst of their seasons. And Scinocca said there have been a few people who have asked if they could come in and bowl.
“We cannot control that social distancing of six feet. When you’re bowling, it just doesn’t work,” he said.
Scinocca and his staff are taking advantage of the downtime to do some painting and renovating.
“We usually do this in the summer, but we’re getting a real early start on it this year,” he said.
“We’re really anxious to reopen, but we have to wait until it’s safe.”

Doug Zywina