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Grounds crews are important to success of golf courses


Golf courses always seem to be in immaculate condition. And they have to be to stay in business.
Those who keep golf courses looking so good can be considered the unsung heroes of the links.
People may think all a grounds crew does is cut and water the grass, but there is a lot more that goes into maintaining a golf course.
“There’s an art and there’s a passion (to it),” said Scott McCallum, general manager of the Gilbert Plains Country Club (GPCC).
“I guess where we’re so fortunate is we deal on a very small budget being a small rural golf course. And we are just so fortunate to be able to have the people working for us that we do.”
Golf courses of the caliber of Gilbert Plains, McCallum said, would have 12 to 14 people on their crew.

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Doug Zywina