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Coffey named an all-Canadian finalist


Monique Coffey has made her mark in the sport of rugby and now she is doing it in the classroom, as well.
The former Dauphin resident was recently named Acadia University’s female finalist for the U Sports Top 8 Academic All-Canadian.
“Being nominated as a U Sports Top 8 Academic All-Canadian made me very proud of my academic and athletic accomplishments, especially in my last year at Acadia. It felt great to receive this recognition as I had worked hard during my four years at Acadia to get to where I am at now,” she said.
“On top of the intrinsic rewards from doing my best and trying my hardest, it is definitely gratifying receiving this recognition. I put a lot of effort into both athletics and my academics and it is feels good to have it recognized.”
With university sports on hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic, there was an adjustment period for Coffey when it came to not playing rugby.
“At the beginning of the year, when there was no rugby at all, I was disappointed to not be playing, but maybe even more disappointed not having my team around me. Although there were some opportunities to play rugby with my club team later on, which I was very grateful to be able to do, it was much different than playing university 15’s. When the club season was over, not being able to practice, play or train with a team made me feel very isolated,” she said.
Still, Coffey manages to get some training in.
“I try and pass a rugby ball at least four times a week. When it was warmer, I would practice kicking about twice each week. And I try and work out five times each week,” she said.
“It is difficult, though, passing and kicking by yourself. You have to really be internally motivated to make it work.”
Balancing her academic work with her athletics endeavours is a matter of planning, Coffey said.
“That helps me balance my academics and athletics. Sometimes I have to sacrifice a workout for an assignment, or some studying for more practice, but when I plan everything out and make sure I have allotted time adequately to my priorities it helps to fit everything in my schedule,” she said.
Coffey is now enrolled at the University of Calgary and admits it was difficult at first because everything is done online.
“I could not meet my teachers or ask questions to my classmates as I would have normally done. I struggled using the online system, which was new to me, but after the first couple weeks, I began to like the flexibility of online learning. Although with the flexibility, self-direction is necessary, It was convenient to be able to look at recorded classes if I missed any. I definitely miss being in the classroom with my classmates and being able to fully interact with my professors, but I have to make the most of it,” she said.
Coffey graduated from Acadia University in May and is currently doing a Masters of Science in Kinesiology (Health, Exercise and Sport Psychology) at the University of Calgary. She was hoping to play rugby for the Dinos this year, but with no sports going on, Coffey will have to wait.
“Thankfully, I have another year ahead of me in my program, so I will, hopefully, be able to play with them in 2021,” she said.
“After finishing my Masters degree, I intend to go study medicine.”

Doug Zywina