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Flight from police nets numerous charges


A Laurier man is facing numerous charges after fleeing from police, last week.
Cody Zastre, 32, of Laurier, has been charged with flight from police, possession of a firearm while prohibited, possession of ammunition while prohibited, possession of a firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized, two counts of assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, possession of a firearm in a vehicle when unauthorized and mischief.
He was also charged under the Highway Traffic Act for speeding, driving while unregistered, driving without insurance and failing to display a licence plate.
Zastre has been remanded into custody.
On Dec 15, just before noon, a Ste. Rose du Lac RCMP officer was conducting traffic enforcement on Hwy. 5, near Ste. Amelie, when a vehicle passed them travelling at 147 k-h in a 100 k-h zone. The officer initiated a traffic stop, however the vehicle refused to pull over and fled.
The vehicle was located a short time later, abandoned at a dead end on road 134 N. Inside the vehicle officers located ammunition along with a driver’s licence.
Checks on the licence determined the person was prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition. Officers were cautious as they believed the suspect may be in possession of a firearm.
They followed the footsteps in the snow, which led them to a farm house. Upon speaking with the homeowner, it was determined a man had been at the residence and asked for help. He was picked up by someone in a truck.
Officers located the truck and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle stopped, and the passenger immediately exited the vehicle yelling and aggressively coming towards officers.
The man was confirmed to be the same person as on the driver’s licence. He charged at officers and a conducted energy weapon was deployed.
The man was arrested and continued to be combative and assaulted the officers, and damaged the police vehicle.
Officers searched the suspect vehicle and located a loaded firearm.
The vehicle driver was initially arrested, but was later released with no charges.

Staff Writer