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Municipalities marketing business park


The City and RM of Dauphin are looking to raise the profile of their jointly owned business park.
“Let people know that and is zoned for business not specifically just for farming. Let people know that it’s subdivided into smaller plots that are ready to be sold; they do not have to do a one-year wait for a subdivision process. And let them know that there’s an opportunity for services in there like water,” city manager Sharla Griffiths said.
“It’s been there in some fashion for the better part of 20 years with not a lot of development in it. So we want to make sure that developers know, the business community knows and maybe even more so people out of Dauphin know that is the space that they can locate and get set up and running.”
Currently carving out a piece of undeveloped land from a larger chunk takes a minimum of nine to 12 months to complete the subdivision process.
“That is nine to 12 months and you haven’t even dug a shovel in,” Griffiths said
“Nine to 12 months, if you had to create a building or a factory or what not, that could be completed.”
The Dauphin Business Park lies north of the city’s industrial park and west of Provincial Road 362.
There are currently three businesses operating in the park covering approximately eight acres. The province purchased 111 acres back when it was planning to construct a new correctional facility and the remaining 145 acres is available for development.
“I think the lots are very affordable. There’s service, there’s water there. There’s a road there. There’s hydro. There is a capability of hooking up to the sewage system. That isn’t in place yet, but it’s a possibility,” he said.
“There’s also incentives available. So I would encourage anybody that’s interested to contact the RM of Dauphin or City of Dauphin offices for details.”
Administration of the two municipalities have been brainstorming ideas for marketing the land and have settled on a course of action.
They will present their ideas to the Dauphin Business Park Committee for review and recommendation prior to making them public.