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Young Entrepreneurs Put Polish On “Side Hustles”


A Side Hustle Junior Day Program began last week for children ages nine to 13 and will continue this week at The Hub.

Community Futures entrepreneurship co-ordinator Charlene Gulak said the Side Hustle Facebook page has been profiling past program participants’ successes and businesses.

“Or the particular Side Hustle venture that they moved forward with,” she added.

Each participant moves through a three-part curriculum, Gulak said, which is customized for their own venture.

“And it provides a bit of business canvas, exploration and allows them to do a bit of a marketing plan and budgeting, as far as where they hope to take their business moving forward,” she added.

A micro grant of $500 was available for each successful participant to assist in launching their business venture.

The junior day camps takes the same content and makes it age appropriate.

“And we’re really allowing the youth an opportunity to explore some of the tools and resources that are available to The Hub to women entrepreneurs within the region. But the youth are able to utilize that equipment and create their own customized promotional tools with the use of a cricut,” Gulak explained, adding the cricut is basically a labeling machine where youth are creating vinyl labels.

The program has a partnership with North Gate Trails, creating some unique customized products specifically to highlight the trail system.

“As well as other tourism assets within the Dauphin area,” Gulak added.

Additional week-long day camps will be held in Ste. Rose, Aug. 9 to 13, and in Gilbert Plains, Aug. 16 to 20. Each day camp will run from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

To ensure all COVID-19 protocols are met, each camp is limited to eight participants.

“Because there is use of some digital equipment, we want to make sure it is as meaningful as possible for that size of a group,” Gulak said.

The camp, she adds, offers youth an opportunity to explore entrepreneurship and understanding some of the fundamental elements that are important to creatively thinking innovatively as to how they can take ideas and implement them.

For information on the program or to register, email office@communityfuturesparkland.ca or call The Hub at 204-701-0440.

Doug Zywina