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Six-year-old Berezowski Honoured For Her Life-saving Efforts


A six-year-old Dauphin girl has been honoured with a Red Cross Rescuer Award.

Jaycee Berezowski received the award for her actions in saving her mother who was suffering from an adverse reaction to medication following dental surgery, earlier this year.

Jenine Berezowski had dental surgery in March She discovered she was allergic to the medications she was prescribed when she suddenly could not breathe and felt nauseated.

Jaycee saw Jenine was in distress and a lesson her mother taught her kicked in.

“When Jaycee was four, we moved into our first home and I taught her how to call 911 from my locked phone,” Berezowski told the Herald at the time.

After Jenine lost consciousness, Jaycee quickly and calmly grabbed her mother’s cell phone, unlocked it and called 911, telling the responder how to get to the house.

“We were in the country, so she had to go outside and she was reading the signs and ended up getting them to the house. So she essentially saved my life, because she got the paramedics right to me,” Berezowski said.

While waiting for the paramedics, the operator instructed Jaycee to flip her mom over to ensure unobstructed breathing, and to count her breaths.

The paramedics arrived, assessed the situation, and took Jenine to hospital where she remained overnight to monitor her extremely low blood pressure.

Berezowski finally recovered from her ordeal on Good Friday.

“Reviewing how to respond in an emergency increases your chances of keeping cool, remembering your training, and acting to help save a life,” said Michelle Dandenault, First Aid representative for the Canadian Red Cross.

Along with the Red Cross Rescuer award, Jaycee received a Red Cross blanket, a whistle, a glow stick and two teddy bears - one from the paramedics and one from the Canadian Red Cross.

The Red Cross Rescuer Award acknowledges the efforts of non-professional rescuers who go out of their way to save a life, prevent further injury and/or provide comfort to the injured. As well, the Canadian Red Cross recognizes children who, without training, provided help.

Photo via Red Cross.

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