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Terry Fox Run Returns Virtually


This year’s Terry Fox Run will not be taking place as scheduled, but people can still make a donation.

Local organizer Stephen Roznowsky felt this year’s run could be done virtually to keep people safe.

“We definitely would like to keep people as safe as possible. People can still do a run, except that registering them causes some issues in terms of paperwork where they can do that themselves virtually. And going online would be a lot safer and less intrusive in terms of people milling around getting registered,” he said, adding because he has a skeleton staff assisting him, Roznowsky does not feel safe holding the event.

Those who wish to make a donation can do so at terryfox.org.

“They can find the Dauphin location. It’s registered right across Canada as MB1371. When they make their donation, the Dauphin area gets credit for their donation online,” Roznowsky said.

For those who do not have access to the internet, they can call Roznowsky at 204-572-0520 and he will make arrangements to pick up your donation.
“I would be more than glad and happy to pick up their donations and get them to fill out the information to make sure they get a receipt for their income tax. And I would be picking that up anywhere in the Dauphin area,” he said.

This year’s school run has also been cancelled, but schools can still collect donations for the cause.

“Each school can individually give me a call to make a presentation. I can forward their earnings onto the Terry Fox organization, or they can do that all on their own,” Roznowsky said, adding Dauphin has already raised almost $1,000 online.

In recent years, a barbecue has been held in conjunction with the Terry Fox Run, but that will not take place this year.

Roznowsky has been receiving a lot of phone calls asking about the barbecue.

“And we’ve decided against it. In terms of all health regulations, I’d have to have a larger crew helping this year to be able to safely pull it off,” he said. “But, hopefully, next year, because people really look forward to all the silent auction prizes. This year, it was a little bit too hard to do.”

Roznowsky hopes to be able to host a live event next year.

Doug Zywina