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RM Approves Assessment Changes


After receiving the 326 and 300 listings from the Dauphin Assessment Branch dated, Feb. 22, June 18 and Aug. 10, 18 and 26, the Rural Municipality of Dauphin council passed a resolution to approve assessment changes (326 listing) in accordance with the Municipal Act and the applicable tax statements be issued at its regular meeting, Sept. 7.

Council further resolved that the assessment reductions (300 listing) be approved and the applicable tax statement credit be issued effective for the year 2021 and 2020.

Accounts and finances

Council approved the issuance of 34 cheques and payroll and online payments in the amount of $173,832.50.

Foreman report

Foreman Ryan Jenkins reported the recent rains set back the grading, gravel hauling and mowing crews were doing, but they are now back on track. The gravel program, he added, is about 80 per cent complete with crushing at Tardiff pit also nearly done. The excavator and skidsteer have been brushing various locations with access issues and the Harshall Road intersection has been completed. The roadside mowing project has been going well and is now about 35 per cent done. Jenkins reported the roof of the Sifton fire hall has been repaired and they are now waiting for the interior work to be started.


The culvert data collecting is about 95 per cent complete and the RM is now surveying a few more projects.

Water distribution manager’s report

The recent weather has delayed the scheduling of the annual maintenance program for the rural water system. It is hoped better weather will allow utility staff the opportunity to finish the program before winter. It is estimated just over half of the valves have been exercised and about 40 per cent of the flushouts have been opened and flushed. Data entry of all maintenance into the CGIS system is up to date. The third quarter meter readings are scheduled for Sept. 22.

Doug Zywina