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Don Cherry's "bunch of jerks" move into conference finals

The NHL’s bunch of jerks are onto the conference finals.
The Carolina Hurricanes swept Barry Trotz and the New York Islanders in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the only team to earn a sweep in the quarterfinals.
Don Cherry calling the Hurricanes a bunch of jerks for their post-game celebrations after home-ice wins during the regular season has proven to be a marketing bonanza for the Canes and Carolina is running with it.
Some people, like Cherry, do not like the celebrations, but most people, especially Hurricanes fans, seem to be on board.
There is nothing wrong with having a little fun after a win and the fans are into it. You don’t often see thousands of fans stick around after a game, but that is what Carolina fans were doing.
As long as it is done in a respectful manner, I don’t see what the problem is. Hopefully, they continue doing it next season.
The Toronto Raptors seem to be plagued with inconsistency in this year’s NBA playoffs.
Just when it looks like they are ready to show why they are one of the best teams in the league, they falter and look like a team that shouldn’t even be in the playoffs.
Luckily they are able to rebound, no pun intended, from bad games like game three against the Philadelphia 76ers, a 116-95 loss that gave Philly a 2-1 series lead.
The Raps evened the series with a strong performance in a 101-96 win in game four on Sunday.
Hopefully, the Raptors can play to their potential the rest of the way and send the 76ers packing in six games.
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. got his first run-batted-in, Saturday, when he singled home first baseman Justin Smoak in the first inning of an 8-5 loss to the Texas Rangers.
Texas is one of Vladimir Guerrero Sr.’s former teams. He scored when Smoak recorded his first RBI in the Majors and now Smoak scored the run when Vladdy Jr. got his first ribbie.
Kind of a neat story.
Local wrestling fans will know who Hotshot Danny Duggan is.
The Winnipegger is the Canadian Wrestling Elite champion and doubles as promoter for the independent company, which has made Dauphin a regular stop on its bi-annual tours in recent years.
The latest tour, celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary, featured Lucha Libre legend Psicosis. The tour ended last week, almost under tragic circumstances.
Duggan, whose real name is Danny Warren, explained in a lengthy Facebook post that he was traveling in a vehicle with Robin Lekime and Psicosis from Sudbury, Ont., to Kirkland Lake, Ont., for the second-last stop on the 38-day tour, May 1.
The weather and highway conditions were bad and they ended up losing control and rolling into a water-filled ditch.
Duggan was in the back seat and unable to get his seatbelt undone as water filled the vehicle. He credits Lekime and Psicosis for getting him out and saving his life.
This incident just serves as proof of the sacrifices independent pro wrestlers are willing to make doing something they love. They don’t make a lot of money, yet they travel across the country to entertain fans, while putting their bodies on the line everytime they step into the ring.
When I talked to Duggan after the show at the Watson Art Centre in March, he said CWE would be back in the fall, likely October. Hopefully, he will be with them when they return to Dauphin.

Doug Zywina