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Deadline passes, planning underway


The deadline has passed for ratepayers in the Rural Municipality (RM) of Dauphin to get deposits in for Phase 2 of the Regional Water Supply project.
Laura Murray, RM of Dauphin CAO explained the deposit secured an option for households to have the full cost of the connection on their property taxes.
Those who have not paid the deposit, but are still interested in connection to the service, she said, will have to finance the project on their own.
Phase 2 of the water supply project is similar to the first phase, Murray noted, as the RM of Dauphin received deposits from 91 ratepayers, compared to 88 in Phase 1.
She explained the Manitoba Water Services Board (MWSB) is now drafting a plan, based on those deposits.
Once the RM of Dauphin receives Manitoba Municipal Board approval, Murray said, MWSB will go to tender with the project.
The RM of Dauphin council will then review plans and prices, she said, once the tenders are in.
“And at that point, if we need to scale the project back, we will,” Murray added.
At $19,500 per individual connection, she said, the estimates for Phase 2 are higher than Phase 1, as it is running lines further than the first phase.
“But council will try to bring it as close to that $17,000, as possible,” Murray said.
The RM of Dauphin received a $3.5 million grant, she explained, with half from the federal government, a quarter from the province and the remaining quarter from the municipality.
“We’ve bumped our municipal share up,” Murray said, noting the borrowing bylaw will be for a $4.4 million project, to give council room to adjust the plan, as needed.
“If we just borrowed based on the $3.5 million, we can not go over that amount at all in the project. So it doesn’t leave us any wiggle room.”
As a result, Murray calculated Phase 2 will cost the federal government $1,786,400, the province $893,000 and the RM of Dauphin $1,716,000.
If the RM of Dauphin must scale back, she said, anyone dropped from Phase 2 will be included in Phase 3 of the water supply project.
The RM of Dauphin is looking to the future, Murray confirmed, preparing for a third phase.
“Council wants to provide water to anybody that wants it,” she said, noting the feedback received from residents connected in Phase 1 has been positive.
“We’ve heard from quite a few of the people. They’re very happy with the water,” Murray said, adding some are pleased to be able to drink straight from the water faucet.
She anticipates tenders will be awarded by mid-July, with construction beginning early August.
The RM of Dauphin is trying to move the project along as quickly as possible, Murray said, as the grant requires Phase 2 to be completed by March 2018.

M. A. Nyquist