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Basketball program looking to expand


A club basketball program ran this winter under head coach John Marshall.
The Dauphin Hawks were a 15U basketball team, which began playing prior to spring break.
“We ran twice a week all April and into mid-May and then we had a tournament in Winnipeg, Mother’s Day weekend, where we competed against Winnipeg-based club teams,” Marshall explained.
“We lost all four games, but we learned a whole lot. We know where we need to go for next level stuff. Watching those teams was fantastic. It was a great experience for the kids. We learned a ton.”
Marshall also learned a lot as a coach, such as goal setting.
Marshall hopes to grow the club basketball program in the Parkland.
“My hope is to keep running this and not just have 15U, but have different levels. So it would be the Dauphin Hawks, but like 15U, 17U, 13U whatever. Get as many kids out, as many coaches as we can and create an organization of club basketball in Dauphin,” he said.
For more on the program, see this week's Dauphin Herald.

Doug Zywina