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DRHC getting ready to close main entrance


Area residents are going to have to forget everything they know about accessing Dauphin Regional Health Centre (DRHC) and navigating its halls.
Effective Nov. 6 at 8 a.m. the ramp up to the front entrance of DRHC will barricaded and the doors normally associated with entering the facility will become an entrance for ambulance crews only.
The front entrance will be closed for the remainder of the construction project, which is estimated to be until mid-2019.
“EMS will back up off of Third Street and unload patients (at what is now the main hospital entrance),” said DRHC director Curt Gullet, indicating the north side of the ramp will be barricaded and eventually demolished as part of the development.
A temporary public access to the facility has been constructed off Jackson Street at the rear of the hospital, between the hospital and community health building, complete with a small drop off area and four handicap parking spaces.
“This will be a temporary drop-off and then we would expect that the general public would park in the back side of the hospital,” Gullett said, adding there will also be access to the facility through the tunnel from the community health building during regular business hours.
“It is definitely another option if they are coming from across the street.”
To make the transition a little easier, DRHC administration has also flipped the parking scheme in the rear parking lot with staff parking at the back of the lot and public parking closer to the facility.
“It has done a complete reverse,” Gullett said.
Upon entering the facility at the new entrance, visitors will see a new information and reception area.
The plan is to have volunteers available to help people navigate to the part of the facility they are visiting.
“We had a recent staff meeting and the take away from the presentation was, be the ambassador, know how we can get people around our facility so it reduces the confusion,” Gullett said.
Gullett reminded everyone to watch for “wayfinding” signage both inside and outside thefacilities which include the DRHC, Dauphin Community Health Building and Dauphin Personal Care Home.
He said PMH remains committed to providing additional timely information related to the DRHC redevelopment project. Information can be found on the PMH website at prairiemountainhealth.ca, or on Facebook and Twitter at PrairieMtHealth.
And while the changes are significant, they are not the only adjustments being made, as the ER is expected to move to its new temporary location the following week.