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City expecting to realize a sizable surplus


While an audit still needs to take place, the City of Dauphin is projecting some sizeable surpluses for 2017.
“We have had a good year here again and we are projecting surpluses in both the general and utlilty funds,” CAO Brad Collett told councillors at their regular meeting Dec. 11.
In the General Fund, council can expect to realize a surplus of around $280,000, Collett said.
“That can obviously vary with snow and various other things,” he said, adding policing costs have impacted the fund significantly.
“We have been helped again this year by the RCMP. The budgetted expenses for policing weren’t as high as expected, basically because the number of officers here were not up to the full compliment. So we actually end up saving money.”
On the Utility Fund side of the equation, operations are normally a break even proposition.
But, that is not going to be the case this year as administration is projecting a large surplus, Collett said, adding the number projected at this point should land somewhere between $450,000 and $460,000.
“For the first time in a number of years our utility fund revenues matched budget and we think that is because of the dry year.”
Added to that was the benefit of having expenses come in under budget, due to public works staff efficiency in construction and repair projects.
As well, watermain breaks have been down significantly.
“That will get transferred to the Water and Sewer Reserve and that will help pay for future projects,” Collett said.
“Instead of taking on debt, we can use some of that money.”