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Family finds Freiheit's body


The search for former Dauphinite Jeff Freiheit is over.
The family confirmed the 32-year-old hiker’s body was found, Aug. 25.
Amanda Devigne, explained her brother’s body was found at the base of Brauneck mountain by his mother Kathy Freiheit and his friend Rich Manfield.
It is understood Freiheit had fallen about 60 metres.
On Aug. 26, German police announced searchers found what they believed to be the body of a Canadian in the Bavarian Alps, noting there was no evidence of foul play.
Manfield said it is strongly believed Freiheit would have died instantly, suffering no pain.
In a Skype interview, he also pointed out any hike in the Alpine region was dangerous, but the area where Freiheit was found was often underestimated, as the mountains are smaller.
Freiheit’s body was found in thick brush at the base of the mountain. According to Manfield, the ridge line above the spot he was found, is about three kilometres from the area he had taken a video of himself, after climbing a hill in record time, rather than taking the cable car to the Brauneck Panorama restaurant.
Until that point, searches had focused on another area of the trail farther south, based on information about a possible sighting of Freiheit in the Jachenau region of Germany.
Manfield said it was experienced wilderness expert Susanne Williams, who encouraged everyone to double back to the Brauneck region, which is where Freiheit was last seen on social media.
Friends and members of the Freiheit family had travelled to Germany, to search for the Brandon-based teacher and coach.
Kathy Freiheit and Manfield were accompanied by a group of volunteer searchers.
More than 400 strangers from Germany helped with the search.
A GoFundMe page has been created to help support the family at Help Support the Freiheits on ca.gofundme.com.

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