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Barry Trotz Day raised more than $150,000


The money is all in and has been tallied and the fund-raising on Barry Trotz Day was a great success.
More than $150,000 was raised when Trotz brought the Stanley Cup to Dauphin, Aug. 22.
The meet and greet sold 36 tickets for $1,000 each, raising $36,000. There was also an anonymous donor who contributed $25,000.
Dauphin Mayor Al Dowhan received 100 lobsters to settle the bet with the mayor of Summerside, P.E.I., and gave them to the Rotary Club to sell for $20 each, raising another $2,000.
The photograph session with Trotz and the Stanley Cup, raffles, 50-50 and barbecue held the day of the event made $14,620.51.
That brought the total to $77,620.51, with Trotz matching $75,000 of that to bring the total to $152,620.51.
“So obviously, we met the goal of $75,000, so Barry wrote his cheque for $75,000,” said Whitney Odut, one of the organizers of the day’s events.
Trotz did not want any expenses to come out of the money raised, Odut said, so he paid for everything.
“So he funded some money up front to cover all the costs and there was just shy of $5,000 remaining in that front money, so he also added that in. So the actual grand total was $157,550.51,” she added.
As for distributing the money, Odut said Trotz will discuss with his family in the coming weeks to decide which organizations will receive some funds.
Once the recipients have been decided, Odut will speak to everyone who purchased a ticket for the meet and greet, as they will get to decide which recipients their $1,000 will go to.
“I’ll work with them. If so-and-so wants to give it to this one only, then that is how we’re going to work it for that,” she said.

Doug Zywina