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MRI begins to arrive at DRHC


Dauphin Regional Health Centre is another step closer to operating an MRI in Dauphin.
Petr Kresta, chief operating officer of Diagnostics for Shared Health, announced the magnet was delivered, Oct. 22.
Kresta explained the MRI is shipped in a number of different pieces and the largest piece is the superconducting magnet.
The transfer from a flatbed to the room at the local hospital required a crane, he said, and special delivery processes.
There will be many other pieces of the machine to be delivered through the course of the next few weeks, Kresta noted, with the biggest component delivered Monday.
“Then it gets connected to the building. It has a number of very specific interconnections with the purpose-built building prepared there,” he said.
“Things like electrical connections, cooling for the MRI and those kinds of things. And those take a number of weeks to complete.”
Kresta can not predict how quickly assembly will take, as it is possible the MRI may have suffered damage or a malfunction during shipping that needs to be repaired, which could take some time.
Once the machine is assembled in Dauphin, he said, it then requires testing.
“It’s a very sophisticated piece of equipment and so it’s both very important that we are certain that it’s operating properly. And so there are a variety of tests that are conducted to ensure proper operation,” he added.
Kresta noted testing will take a number of weeks, before staff are trained on that specific piece of equipment.
“They’re all fully educated and trained MRI technologists, however, they still need to learn how to use that piece of MRI equipment and that takes a little while, as well,” Kresta explained.
He anticipates patients will be scanned in Dauphin early December.

M. A. Nyquist