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CWE returns with Struttin' and Cuttin' Tour


Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (CWE) returned to Dauphin, Oct. 24, as part of the company’s Struttin’ and Cuttin’ Tour, featuring former WWE star Brutus “the Barber” Beefcake.
The show was held at the Watson Art Centre (WAC) in front of a raucous and enthusiastic crowd.
The card opened with M-Max, “Canadian Hercules” Tyler Colton and “The Zombie Killer” Mentallo, with Dauphin’s own RTD as manager, beating the Cannon Clan, “The Crazed Cowboy” Jacob Creed and “The Rebel” Bobby Collins to earn a tag team title shot later in the show.
Match two saw Swan River’s own “Kid Dynamite” Alix Vanna beat DDT star “The Razing Blaze” Rekka.
Then HIW star Michael Allen Richard Clark, who hails from Fork River, pinned DDT star Naomi Yoshimura in a match in which Beefcake was the special guest referee outside the ring.
Clark grabbed the tights when he scored the winning pin. Beefcake entered the ring to have the decision reversed and, before Clark could attack the former WWE star he was put into a sleeper hold by Yoshimura, which gave Beefcake the chance to cut off a few locks of Clark’s hair.
In the CWE tag team title match, the reigning tag team champions, “The Canadian Crusher” A.J. Sanchez and “The Boston Bruiser” Kevin O’Doyle retained their title with a win over Colton and Mentallo, with manager RTD.
In the main event, CWE champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan held on to his title with a win over “The Belgian Bull” Robin Lekime.
About 100 people attended the show. CWE general manager Danny Warren was ecstatic with the crowd.
“This has probably been the best one since we started coming back last year. We wanted to come back to Dauphin, because years ago, when we came, it was always one of the hottest wrestling towns on our tour,” he said.
“It took a little bit to get well acquainted with the town again and now people are back and the crowd was red hot tonight. And that’s exactly what we look for everytime we go out.”
The show in Dauphin was day four of what will be a 30-day tour, hitting 30 different communities across western Canada.
Warren said the wrestlers were already a little beat up.
“So having that energy behind the audience was great to have,” he added.
This was the first time the CWE booked a show in the WAC. Warren said the ring crew might not like to return because they would have to haul the ring up the stairs.
“But from an esthetics standpoint, this building is beautiful. This is an independent wrestling venue and I’m very big on creating that tight atmosphere. So when you have a crowd like we had tonight, this building looks packed. It looks full and the sound just bounces off the walls and everything is twice as loud,” he said.
“It just created a really cool atmosphere, because all four sides of the ring were full. We had people up in the balcony. Just pandemonium running wild, as Gorilla Monsoon would say.”
There were a lot of children in the audience, including the Fusion Credit Union atom AA hockey team. Warren said the kids are always the most fun when they do a show.
“They were really invested in it. I hope we made some new wrestling fans tonight,” he said.
Based on the response on Wednesday, Warren said the CWE will definitely be back when they tour again in the spring.
They are currently working on the schedule, Warren said, and he encourages fans to keep an eye on their social media platforms.
The close-knit wrestling world was stunned last Monday, when WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns announced he would have to relinquish his title after he was diagnosed with leukemia after beating the disease 11 years ago.
“To see anybody go through that is terrible,” Warren said.
From a wrestling standpoint, he said, to be the WWE champion, you have to be the hardest working wrestler in the world.
“And whether you love or hate him, he was the hardest working wrestler in the world, as proven by that title he had around his waist. I can only imagine, on top of what he is going through healthwise, mentally, how crushing that would be to get to the peak of the mountain and then have that card dealt to you,” he said.
“But you don’t get to where he is by being weak. So if he got to the top of that mountain, I’m sure he’ll beat leukemia again and go on to be WWE champion again in the future.”
Warren appreciated the support of the fans in Dauphin.
“Thank you, Dauphin. This is exactly what we’ve been hoping for since we started coming back again. It was looking grim and we were getting a little discouraged, because it was such a great wrestling town. And they were back tonight and I think we’re going to have them back again, which is great,” he said.
“This is what we love to do and we love to share our love with everyone. So we appreciate the love they gave back.”

Doug Zywina