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New faces at council tables


There will be a few new faces around Dauphin council tables following last Wdnesday’s municipal election.
In the City of Dauphin, incumbent Mayor Al Dowhan, who was returned to office by acclamation, will be joined by incumbent councillors Kathy Bellemare, Devin Shtykalo, Patti Eilers and Rodney Juba and newly-elected councillors Kerri Riehl and Christian Laughland.
Bellemare led all councillors with 1,485 votes (15.17 per cent) followed by Riehl with 1,312 votes (13.4 per cent). Shtykalo finished third with 1,242 votes (12.69 per cent) followed by Laughland with 1,098 (11.22 per cent), Eilers with 1,092 (11.16 per cent) and Juba with 942 (9.62 per cent).
Failing to earn a seat were candidates Joe Houston with 772 votes, Martin Kaminski with 694 votes, Laverne Lewycky with 596 votes and Bruce Kozak with 555 votes.
In the Rural Municipality of Dauphin, acclaimed Reeve Ron Ryz, who moved up from his councillor seat to become head of council, will be joined by former Reeve Dennis Forbes, who stepped down to run for a council seat, and incumbents Tom Gibbs and Jack Bremner and newcomers Midge Sametz, Don Seeley and David Johnston.
Forbes led all candidates with 445 votes (5.87 per cent) followed by Sametz with 430 votes (5.34 per cent), Gibbs with 421 votes (15.01 per cent), Seeley with 294 votes (10.49 per cent), Johnston with 285 votes (10.16 per cent) and Bremner with 276 votes (9.84 per cent).
Candidates not earning a seat were incumbents Dennis Tokar with 252 votes and Don Dunfield with 241 votes.