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Fuel Up My Town contest offers $25,000


Dauphinites have the opportunity to earn $25,000 for the community with the Fuel Up My Town fund-raiser, through Dauphin Consumer Co-op.
Joan Chetyrbok, Dauphin Consumer’s Co-op marketing and community relations manager, explained the contest requires contestants to post #fuelupmytown and hash tag (#) their town name, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
“It can be from Co-op, it can be CRS (Co-operative Retailing System) Co-op, that’s our home Co-op social media platform. And whenever they see one of those posts they can comment. And then they should share it, as well, so it hits as many people as possible, so we get a lot of votes,” she said.

Look in this week's Dauphin Herald for more details.

M. A. Nyquist