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Vinyl sale a new WAC fund-raiser


Steven Cote is offering a new option for music lovers at the Watson Art Centre (WAC) with a vinyl sale in conjunction with the Long Weekender Local Rebellion; A Tribute to Canadian Rock, Feb. 16.
Cote will have stacks of about 1,000 records for sale in the Old Fire Hall of the WAC.
“I’ve been doing this for almost 18 years, so some of the stuff I’ve collected are doubles of what I have, mostly rock and roll,” Cote said, explaining he attends six shows a year selling vinyl in Brandon, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg.
Brandon has been putting on two record shows a year for almost 18 years with about 20,000 records, CDs and cassettes, he said, adding Winnipeg has had a show twice a year, for almost 12 years with over 100,000 records.

Learn more about the vinyl sale in this week's Dauphin Herald.

M. A. Nyquist