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Barker in Canada Post stamp issue


Dauphin’s most famous son is featured prominently in Canada Post’s newest stamp issue, Canadians in Flight.
The issue celebrates legendary examples of Canadian ingenuity and technological prowess and honours pilots, designers and aircraft that made aviation history.
William George Barker, VC, who remains the most decorated member of the military in the history of Canada and the British Empire is featured on one of the five stamps in the issue.
Barker was born in a log house near Dauphin in 1894. His First World War exploits are well documented. Barker flew more than 900 combat hours between 1916 and 1918 and is credited with 50 victories over enemy aircraft. His friend and fellow flying ace, Billy Bishop, referred to Barker as, “the deadliest air fighter who ever lived.”
“As Canada’s storyteller, Canada Post is proud to share these stories of personal bravery and ingenuity, and to commemorate the aircraft that demonstrate Canadian technological innovation,” said Doug Ettinger, Canada Post president and CEO.
Developed with the support of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum – one of three museums under the Ingenium brand – the stamps were designed by Ivan Novotny of Taylor|Sprules and printed by the Lowe-Martin Group.
“Ingenium is thrilled that our collection has helped to bring these ground-breaking moments in Canadian aviation to life. We hope that by sharing stories of those who dared to think differently, we inspire ingenuity, creativity, and innovation in all Canadians,” said Christina Tessier, president and CEO of Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation.
Also honoured in the stamp collection are:
• Aviation pioneer and bush pilot C.H. “Punch” Dickins, who logged more than 1.6 million kilometres flying over northern Canada.
• Elizabeth “Elsie” MacGill, who was the first woman in Canada to receive a degree in electrical engineering, and first in the world to hold a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering and to work as a professional aircraft designer.
• The Lazair, a family of twin-engine, high-wing ultralight monoplanes designed by Dale Kramer of Port Colborne, Ont. Manufactured as kits in Canada between 1979 and 1985, the Lazair is still considered one of the best light aircraft ever made.
• The twin-engine, supersonic Avro CF-105 Arrow interceptor, which could fly at more than twice the speed of sound.
The stamp issue, is available in a booklet of 10 (two of each design) and a gummed mini-pane of five. Five Official First Day Covers are also available as a set or separately.
The stamps and related collectibles are available at canadapost.ca and at postal outlets across Canada.