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City and Hwy 10 Developers sign agreement


Dauphin city council learned that Highway 10 Developers received a permit to construct a public road access, a public road and a paved parking lot at its regular meeting, Apr. 23.
The developer, who is bringing a Best Western Hotel to the community, was given the go ahead for an access and public road with a top width of 9.1 metres and a paved parking lot at a setback of 34.1 metres.
The permit was approved under a number of conditions including:
• The developer enter into an on-highway agreement with Manitoba Infrastructure (MI) to construct the necessary on-highway improvements;
• The developer is required to contact the MI maintenance superintendent at least 48 hours prior to any work being undertaken in the highway right-of-way, to ensure the construction conforms to standards satisfactory to the department;
• All costs in connection with the installation of the public road access and public road, including the corrugated steel culvert, are the responsibility of the developer.
• The access and road are to be constructed with a minimum 4:1 side slopes and straight walled driveways or the use of reinforcing material is prohibited;
• The permit is valid for 12 months from the date of issue;
• The permit is also subject to restrictions and regulations imposed by any other government body; and
• No additional highway access to the property will be granted.
The City and the developer have also signed a development agreement which will help guide construction of the hotel.
“It is a standard development agreement. It talks about what a developer needs to do to meet the criteria to develop a piece of dirt,” City manager Sharla Griffiths said.
“This one is a little more complex in that they have a large space to develop and eventually the ultimate plan is to have municipal roads through that space. It is not just one big space. It is not like the mall parking lot. The ultimate build out from the plans right now is that there will be a road through there and there will be a lot of separate lots to develop.”
The city, however, will consider any development plans which are presented, she added.
“There is still the possibility, like if someone wants to put something in there like the Corral Centre (in Brandon), that is still a possibility. We would not limit the developer if they came to us with that proposal,” Griffiths said.
“But the plan right now is to have the entire, about 22 acres, subdivided into smaller lots. The first phase just has the hotel coming.”
Under the agreement the developer will be responsible for the construction of the road, installation of the utilities and all the amenities, which will eventually be turned over to the City.
“The development agreement, a lot of what it speaks to, is the standards for the road and the water and the sewer and boulevard and street lighting and sidewalks and fire hydrants, things like that,” Griffiths said, adding the developer will be 100 per cent responsible for funding and completing the work.
“They build it to our standards. We sign off on it that we accept it as being to our standard and then it becomes City property.”
The City is offering up some development incentives such as bringing water and sewer to the property line and offering its economic development services to market the remaining lots to prospective businesses.
“So if someone comes to us and says we have a business that we would like to put in, that will definitely be on the list of the land that might be available,” Griffiths said.
“And the reason that council is in favour of giving an economic development incentive like this water and sewer to the property line is that that developer took a risk and has purchased land that they are subdividing and is going to be ready for other businesses to come. They are putting this land onto the ready commercial market.”
Although no specific timeline has been announced, it is expected construction of the hotel project will begin soon.