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DRCSS Class of 2019 celebrates


The next part of their journey started for 104 graduating students of the Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School (DRCSS) at a convocation ceremony, June 22.
Principal Norman Cassavant encouraged graduates to recognize the efforts of the important people in their lives, who have helped achieve this milestone, such as parents, grandparents, teachers and staff.
“I have always believed that schools should give you the tools needed to assist you in preparing for life. Whatever plans you have, or will make for your future, I’m confident that your education here has given you the skills to do well in whatever you choose to do,” Cassavant said.
Guest speaker Taylor Schmidt offered advice to the graduates to find a way to serve others, share their gifts and spend time doing things that are most important to them.
“One of Winston Churchill’s famous quotes which is a favourite of mine is, ‘you make a living by what you get, but we make a life by what we give’,” Schmidt said.
Valedictorian Sarah Hogue urged her collegues to look back at their 13 years of school and remember all the moments they shared with their fellow graduates.
“We have all made so many memories as a graduating class. Whether you were there since the beginning, playing Foursquare during elementary school recess with people still sitting beside you today, or you joined us in middle school where we partook every day in Adelina’s lunches for the entire two years we spent there. Or you became a part of our group later on when we got our licenses, spent way too much money on gas, because there was nothing better to do than cruise,” Hogue said.
“As I look back on our years together, especially this one as our senior year and remember all the crazy moments, I know there is no graduating class. I’d rather have been through everything with.”
DRCSS recognized 38 students with over 85 scholarships, totalling more than $70,000.
Local scholarships and awards
Andrew Antosko Family Scholarship, $200 - Rowan Balchen.
Armstrong Management Ltd Scholarship, $200 - Alyssa Gawryluik.
Aspen Insurance - Portage Mutual Agent’s Association Bursary, $1,000 - Grace Wieler.
Balchen and Kulchycki Surveys Scholarship, $150 - Kendra Suss.
Canadian Parents for French - Award of Merit, $150 - Rowan Balchen.
Chown Centennial Scholarship, $1,000 - Alyssa Gawryluik.
Corrina’s on Main Scholarship, $100 - DJ Bergen.
Community Salons Scholarship - sponsored by Beauty & the Barber, Hair @ 360º, Hair Essentials, Hair Maiden and Shear Passion, $200 - Nicki Bich.
CUPE 3305 Scholarship, $700 -Elizabeth Maguet.
Dauphin Chiropractic Centre Scholarship, $300 - Zoée Brook.
Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy Scholarship, $500 - Caleb Seale.
Dauphin Community Financial Institutions Scholarship - sponsored by BMO, RBC and ScotiaBank, $300 - Alyssa Gawryluik.
Dauphin Community Law Offices Scholarship - sponsored by Dawson and Bretecher Law Corporation, Irwin Law Office and Johnston and Company, $300 - Sarah Hogue.
Dauphin Consumer’s Co-op Scholarship, $1,000 x 2 - Megan Perih and Hannah Cole.
Dauphin Co-op Home and Building Centre Scholarship, $1,000 - Charles Hazell.
Dauphin General Hospital Foundation Scholarship, $1,000 -Mollie Nolan.
Dauphin Health Care Auxiliary Scholarship, $1,500 - Rowan Balchen.
Dauphin Herald Scholarship, $100 - Aidan Rach.
Dauphin Market Place Mall Merchants Association Scholarship, $200 - Alyssa Gawryluik.
Dauphin Medical Clinic Jan Liebenburg Memorial Scholarship, $2,000 - Caitlin White.
Dauphin Multi-Purpose Senior Centre Scholarship, $500 x 2 - Kendra Suss and Novo Vuksanovic.
Dauphin Music and Electronics Scholarship, $125 - Nic Bray.
Dauphin Ochre Band Parents Association Scholarship, $500 - Grace Wieler.
Dauphin Pioneers Association Scholarship, $200 - Jennifer Yaschyshyn.
David Boyd Jr. Memorial Scholarship, $150 - Trent Turnbull.
Dean Cooley Mechanical Scholarship, $1,000 - Trent Turnbull.
DNA Arts and Design Scholarship, $100 - Hannah Cole.
DRCSS Faculty Award, $750 - Sarah Hogue.
Edwards Plumbing and Heating Scholarship, $500 - Wade Kopytko.
Embroidery By Design and Promotions Scholarship, $100 - Hannah Cole.
Ernest and Elizabeth McGirr Award for Academic Excellence, $10,475 x 2 - Kendra Suss and Novo Vuksanovic.
Fusion Credit Union Scholarship, $500 x 8 - Chelsea Aitken, Abigail Amyotte, Ashley Clark, Alex Iwanchysko, Gracie Koshowski, Mollie Nolan, Megan Perih and Grace Wieler.
Health Care Professional Scholarship, $2,000 - Caitlin White.
Intermountain Sport Fish Enhancement Group Scholarship, $1,000 - Nolan DeWarle.
Jack and Jessie Kustra Memorial Bursary, $1,500 x 2 - Pelumi Johnson and Josh Sanderson.
Kal Tire Scholarship, $250 - Trent Turnbull.
Kelleher Ford Dauphin Scholarship, $300 - Trent Turnbull.
Kinette Club of Dauphin Dauphin Scholarship, $400 - Mallory Eddie.
Kinsmen Community Service Scholarship, $1,000 - Evan Butler.
Knights of Columbus Council #3497 Scholarship, $200 - Anna Orisko.
Laverne Morrisseau Memorial Bursary, $1,000 - Abigail Amyotte.
Laverne Morrisseau Memorial Bursary, $500 x 2 - Sharaina Cottick and Alex Iwanchysko.
Lemon Tree Florist Scholarship, $100 x 2 - Kendra Suss and Jennifer Yaschyshyn.
Lions Club of Dauphin Scholarship, $300 - Sarah Hogue.
Love and Persson - Portage Mutual Agent’s Association Bursary, $1,000 - Charles Hazell.
Love and Persson Group Scholarship, $100 - Aidan Rach.
Lozinski Family Scholarship, $500 - Ashley Clark.
McDonald’s Scholarship, $100 - Kayla Shewchuk.
McMunn and Yates Building Supplies Scholarship, $250 - Evan Butler.
Mentorship CREW Bursary, $75 - Dylan Demeria.
Merit Contractors Association of Manitoba Scholarship, $500 - Charles Hazell.
Michif Child and Family Services Scholarship, $200 - DJ Bergan.
Mossey River Municipality Scholarship, $150 - Sharaina Cottick.
Mountain View School Division Scholarship, $500 - Sarah Hogue.
Mountain View Teachers’ Association Scholarship, $2,000 - Jennifer Yaschyshyn.
Mr. Brad Michaleski MLA Scholarship, $400 - Chelsea Aitken.
Mr. K Citizenship Scholarship, $500 x 2 - Grace Wieler and Anna Orisko.
Ochre River Snowmobile Club Scholarship, $1,000 - Trent Turnbull.
Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers Bursary, $500 - Mollie Nolan.
Parkland Source for Sports Scholarship, $250 - Emma Jensen.
Parkland Sport and Marine Scholarship, $100 - Amber Percival.
Prairie View Family Chiropractic Centre Scholarship, $200 - Mollie Nolan.
Praxair Dauphin Welding Award, $350 - Zach Prysiazniuk.
Reit-Syd Equipment Agriculture Scholarship, $250 - Megan Perih.
Richard Bogoslowski Memorial Scholarship, $250 x 2 - Wade Kopytko and Grace Wieler.
Robert (Bob) Waugh Memorial Scholarship, $1,200 - Mollie Nolan.
Rocky Mountain Equipment Scholarship, $250 - Megan Perih.
Rotary Club of Dauphin Scholarship, $3,000 - Alex Iwanchysko.
Royal Canadian Legion Branch #20 Scholarship, $250 - Kendra Suss.
Safe Grad Award, $500 - Sarah Hogue.
Sigvaldason McMaster and Co. Chartered Professional Accountants Scholarship, $100 - Mallory Eddie.
Speedy Glass Scholarship, $100 - Trent Turnbull.
Steven Genik Memorial Bursary, $500 - Trent Turnbull.
Tom Schmidt Memorial Scholarship, $500 - Sarah Hogue.
Ukrainian Orthodox Young Men’s Society Scholarship, $400 - Alex Iwanchysko.
Vermillion Lodge Scholarship, $200 - Rowan Balchen.
Vocational Teachers’ Association of Manitoba Award of Merit - Sponsored by Hometown Auto Glass, $300 - Hannah Cole.
West Region Tribal Council Scholarship, $600 - Felicity Nepinak-Hart.
Western Bakery Scholarship, $250 - Chelsea Aitken.
Westman Award of Excellence Scholarship, $500 - Hannah Cole.
Zaplitny and Zamrykut Scholarship, $500 - Sharaina Cottick.
Dauphin and District Community Foundation Scholarships
AAA Kalichak Scholarship, $231 - Aidan Rach.
Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, $484 - Caleb Seale.
Dauphin and District Community Foundation General Community Scholarship, $1,159 - Caitlin White.
Dauphin Fire Department Memorial Fund, $500 - Tyler Abrey.
Dr. Allan and Shirley Lysack Scholarship, $1,247 - Rowan Balchen.
Gary Brandon Memorial Scholarship, $1,139 - Emma Jensen.
The Kozak Family Scholarship, $603 - Jennifer Yaschyshyn.
Marge Tycholis Memorial Scholarship, $740 - Kendra Suss.
Margie Lysack Memorial Scholarship, $2,000 x 2 - Mallory Eddie and Pelumi Johnson.
Marilyn Libby Music Scholarship, $551 - Kendra Suss.
McMunn and Yates Building Scholarship, $493 - Evan Butler.
Neil Peterson Countryfest Post-secondary Music Scholarship, $3,063 - Jennifer Yaschyshyn.
Stanley Kustra Engineering Scholarship, $1,514 - Alex Iwanchysko.
Terry Yates Memorial Business Scholarship, $1,097 - Alyssa Gawryluik.
Terry Yates Memorial Sports Scholarship, $1,097 - Sarah Hogue.
Wes and Andrew Bernat Family Music Scholarship, $409 - Kendra Suss.
Governor General’s Award - Rowan Balchen.