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Fire department kept hopping on long weekend


It was a busy weekend for Dauphin Fire Department.
Things got started shortly before 3 a.m., June 29, when firefighters were called to a report of a residential fire on Merrell Avenue.
Upon arrival, firefighters observed flames coming from all doors and windows.
The attack on the blaze began immediately, but due to the intensity of the fire, a search of the building was delayed until the blaze was brought under control.
Once the flames were knocked down firefighters searched the home, but did not locate any victims. It was later confirmed by the homeowner that the building was empty at the time of the blaze.
Firefighters remained at the scene until 7 a.m. to ensure there was no reignition of the fire.
The fire remains under investigation by the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner.
That was not it for Saturday, however. As crews were cleaning and reloading the fire trucks shortly before 9 a.m., the department was dispatched to the scene of a vehicle and house fire on Fifth Avenue South West.
Upon arrival, firefighters found a carport fully engulfed in fire with flames extending to a neighbouring home.
Concentrating on the main blaze, firefighters quickly got control of the situation and turned their attention to the neighbour’s home.
Heat from the original fire damaged the siding and travelled into the structure through the soffits.
Crews remained on the scene until well after noon to ensure extinguishment and prevent any accidental reignition of the blaze.
The fire is being treated as suspicious and is under investigation by the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner and the RCMP.
Countryfest fire
DFD members on scene at the Countryfest site at Selo Ukraina kept a bad situation from getting worse with help from one of the site’s water supply trucks.
At approximately 11:30 a.m., June 27, the campgrounds at the site were filled with smoke from a burning camper.
Members of DFD who volunteer to stay on scene for the duration of the concert weekend, followed behind the water truck and were able to extinguish the fire, including the interior of the camper which was still burning.
Once the fire was contained, the firefighters focused on cooling a venting propane tank. The valve on the propane cylinder was inoperable and firefighters were unable to shut off the fuel so they decided to let it burn off in a controlled manner.
The fire is deemed accidental, as the owner had lit a barbecue to preheat and then left his campsite.
The hose from the propane tank failed and the fuel then ignited, acting like a blowtorch against the back of the camper.
Firefighters want to remind everyone to never leave cooking unattended, including barbecues.

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