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International soccer instructors impressed with local skill level


Local soccer players had a chance to improve their skills at the Challenger’s International Soccer camp, last week in Dauphin.
The camp ran all week, with hour-long sessions for players ages three to five and half-day sessions for players ages five to 16. There were also full-day sessions for players ages seven to 16.
Daniel Morrison was one of the camp’s instructors. He was impressed with the abilities of the 20 players attending the camp.
“Even the kids nine, 10 years old have surprised me massively. Even the young kids, kids like young Grayson, who is standing in front of me right now, you wouldn’t expect to be performing quite as well as he has. I’ve been really impressed by all the kids,” he said.
Morrison, who hails from Glasgow, Scotland, said instructors were trying to teach the fundamentals of the game, as well as develop the tactical side of the game.
“The agility, the balance and control of the game. That’s the three fundamentals of the game. And, with the younger kids, we’re trying to work on the basics. However, by working on the simple things, that will make them improve so much more,” he said.
“And with the older kids, not only are we trying to improve the simple stuff, but while developing their understanding of the game, a tactical side of the game. Where they should be, where they should not be. Just using the brain. That’s the type of stuff we’re working on to help them improve.”
This was the first time Morrison has been to Canada and he and his fellow instructors have enjoyed their time in Dauphin.
“This is all our first time in Canada. We’d all love to come back. It’s a really good place,” he said, adding he was pleased with the numbers of players attending the camp.
“This is really good numbers to work with. I say the more numbers the better, however, if I come back next year, I’d love to see a lot more bodies here. The more bodies, the better. The more experience for the kids. The better friends the kids can make, as well. And overall for the coaches, it makes it much better for us.”

Doug Zywina