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Repairs to bridge a group effort


The commemorative Terry Yates Bridge is back in business across Crooked Creek, thanks to a group of local volunteers.
Andre Remillard, Gordon Clyde, Bruce Cluff, David Bosiak and Al Dunsmore took on the repair project, as the foot bridge had been out of commission for about three years.
“I guess the bridge was taken out of service by the Rainbow Beach staff, because they were concerned about safety of the bridge. It had gotten quite rickety and was in rough shape,” Remillard explained.
“I think the years have been bad for it and pulling it in and out of the creek every year probably caused some wear and tear on it.”
Located at the Rainbow Beach boat launch at Crooked Creek, he said, the bridge was built in 2004, connecting Rainbow Beach Park to Dauphin Beach and is in recognition of Terry Yates, who died in 2002.
“So for people in Ochre Beach, we can actually walk a trail to Crooked Creek, cross the bridge there and then continue walking all the way to the golf course if you want to,” Remillard said, adding people cycle across it, as well.
The group volunteered to work on the project last fall, he said, and Dunsmore approached Jason Yates of McMunn and Yates about donating the materials.
“They did that and there was a group of us that got started on it and fixed it up for the spring this year,” Remillard said, adding Rainbow Beach Provincial Park staff has been in support of the project, putting the volunteers through safety training, to ensure they could work on the property.
“We basically did repairs to the existing bridge. We added some structure to it, did a few changes to make it a little sturdier than it was previously, so that it could withstand the in and out of the creek every year.”
In addition to the approaches, Remillard explained, the bridge has three 16-ft. sections and two 12-ft. sections.
As the water level is low this year, Remillard pointed out, one of the 16-ft. sections was not installed.
Pleased to work on the project, Remillard noted Terry Yates was a well-known entrepreneur who gave a lot to the community.
“He was one of the original founders of McMunn and Yates Building Supplies. When he passed away, I think there were some people that felt that there should be some sort of a legacy brought forth in his honour,” he added.
With repair costs covered by McMunn and Yates, Remillard said, Dunsmore paid for the materials to build the first section.
“We wanted to make sure that it could be done and he contributed the materials for the first section, kind of our trial section,” Remillard explained.

M. A. Nyquist